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About the Project

Rose City Rowing Club, one of the nation’s leading youth rowing programs, asked Voxity to create a recruiting video that highlighted their core values— fostering community and teaching good citizenship. Most importantly, the club’s leaders wanted to hear directly from the rowers themselves.

Our challenge was to showcase the positive character building benefits of a sport commonly regarded as elitist, while making it appealing for the high school demographic. We decided the most effective ways to engage a younger audience was to visually convey the excitement and dynamic movement of the sport. While interviewing the young rowers, we kept it light and relaxed, allowing them to get comfortable and easily express themselves.

Unveiled in March 2014, the completed video was a massive hit, garnering over 1,000 views in just three days. It continues to average more views per day than any other high school rowing club recruiting video. It was chosen by and as their videos of the week, the latter saying it showed “the reasons why we all get up in the morning and row until our hands bleed.“ Our greatest reward is that new rowers and their parents have cited it directly as a reason they came to RCRC.

Client testimonial:

“The reaction from our core constituent was extremely enthusiastic. Our athletes clearly feel Voxity has captured the experience of rowing at Rose City Rowing Club. The video successfully communicates our mission, ethics and passion. Thanks again for the extra effort you made to really get to the heart of our program.”

Nick Haley, RCRC Head Coach

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Client : Rose City Rowing Club
Categories : Corporate
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