Film sets are traditionally wasteful. That’s why Voxity founded Production Professionals for a Livable Planet, an alliance of companies and individuals looking to make production more environmentally sustainable. You can learn more about the alliance here (link: When you book a shoot with Voxity, here are the PPLP guidelines we follow.

  • No disposable water bottles.  Everyone must bring their own water bottles to set.
  • We do not supply disposable coffee cups.  People have to bring their own mugs/liquid containers to set.
  • No beef.  Production of these meats has a huge carbon cost.
  • No food goes to waste.  Leftover food is either given to crew (bring tupperware to bring food home) or brought to a shelter.
  • People who carpool or drive hybrids/EVs are reimbursed for their mileage.
  • There will also be no printed call sheets or shooting schedules on set.  If you require a paper copy, please print your own.  I will have my laptop on site for easy document reference.

Voxity also banks with Aspiration, an online-only financial firm dedicated to doing good. What kind of good? 10% of its profits are donated, trees are planted when we spend money on productions, and deposits do not fund fossil fuel exploration. It’s one way of knowing that your production costs can generate some positive change. You can learn more about Aspiration here. (link: