Lena Medoyeff Studio

About the Project

Dress designer Lynn Medoff, owner of Lena Medoyeff Studio, wanted a video that would raise awareness of her brand and highlight her responsible business practices. Over several casual meetings with Medoff, we delved into her background, learning about her values, design process, and the series of events that led her from Peace Corps volunteer to successful entrepreneur.

During the shoot, which involved an interview and staged scenes re-enacting Lynn’s working process, we made sure she felt relaxed so we could create a portrayal that felt as authentic as possible.

The completed video has been an overwhelming success and effective driver of new sales. Existing Lena Medoyeff customers have become even more committed to her brand, and new clients are buying dresses based on the values emphasized in the video.

Client testimonial:

It was incredible how Voxity was able to understand and interpret our story with such ease and accuracy. There wasn’t a moment in the process where I felt they were not fully committed to creating the best experience for us and the best product possible.”

Project Info

Client : Lena Medoyeff Studio
Categories : Corporate
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